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I cobbled these thoughts together after reading comments made on a blog post here about Rupert Murdoch describing education as not changing much over 50 years, in which he is reasonably correct.  The content may have changed slightly, but the method of delivery is the same.  How is that useful for a 21st Century Learner, or a 21st Century Teacher?

“Think four walls, door, tables and chairs, whiteboard/blackboard at the front with a teacher standing in front delivering content.  I think that’s what Murdoch meant.  And if you walk into any number of classrooms this very day, that is what you will see, unless you read this post on a Saturday or Sunday.
A modern classroom should provide flexibility, in spaces and furniture.  Students shouldn’t be constrained to the rows of tables facing the front as was the Industrial / Mechanical age model.  21st Century education is an opportunity for flexibility, personalisatoin of learning and development of competencies that will help students be self sufficient learners.
Personalised learning is targetted at specific student needs, based on formative assessment (assessment for learning) which identifies the learning needs.  Learning paths are developed to meet each students needs.  It does not need to be technology driven, but ICT is a key enabler.”

The video shows the setting in which I work with the flexible furniture that the students use.  While not everyone has access to such fine resources, everyone has the option to shift from teacher centric models of education to student centric education.